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Check free, online and in 2 minutes if you can apply to a Residence Visa abroad and how we can connect you with the best migrations specialists to grant your Visa.

Want to apply to Spain, Italy, Portugal, United States or Chile? Check your case online, and how to proceed here:

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¿How does it work?

1. Select your country of preference

Among others, VisaFork works for USA, Italy, Spain, Chile, Malta, or Portugal; we add new countries weekly!

2. Answer the Questions

We have selected the pertinent questions so that it doesn’t take you more than 2 minutes to verify if you can apply to a Visa.

3. Obtain your Result

At the end of the Test we inform your result, free and without needing to provide any mail or personal info.

4. Then What?

If you are interested, we can put you in contact with our specialized partner of your chosen country, so you can clear your doubts and start your journey!

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Only at the end of the test, and only if you are interested, will we ask for your email to send you the result of the test. There is no problem if you want to fill the data with your name or alias. You can find all the details here.


We believe in open borders and global opportunities, which is why we developed VISAFORK. In its development, we have taken care to balance technology with legal precision, working side by side with both engineers and specialist lawyers. We hope that our tool will simplify the search for new opportunities, and be the first step in your new adventure.


Our test is a free tool that allows the user to know if they will be able to apply for a certain visa, based on their answers.

El diagnóstico permite dar un acercamiento al usuario sobre la posibilidad de conseguir una visa en país extranjero, de manera gratuita y online.


The test does not guarantee the granting of the visa or its rejection. In each visa process, the authority examines the particular background on a case-by-case basis, and there may be special rules and exceptions.

Thus, even if all the requirements are met, it may be that the country of destination does not grant the residence permit, for example, when the type of visa has a limited number of permits to be granted for all applicants in one year.

Similarly, an applicant with a negative diagnostic result could also qualify for a visa. Among other examples, a country could relax the visa requirements for investment if in said year the investment has been low, yet not change the law.

For this reason, we always recommend consulting a lawyer from the country of destination for the particular case.

No. The test is free and it is not necessary to share a name, alias or email to know the result.

Only in case you want to subscribe to the newsletter or receive the attention of a specialized lawyer will we ask for your email. And only if you request a video call with a specialist lawyer, fees will be offered for the consultation.

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Selecciona tu país de destino

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Select your destination country